Realtor Marketing Strategies – Leverage Traditional and Online Presence to Market Real Estate


“Real estate Marketing” is a great question that many people have asked before. Well, it’s really pretty simple actually. Unfortunately for you, though, it might prove to be a deterrent in your desire to learn even more about real estate marketing. That being said, there is the Real Estate Marketing: Ultimate Guide! Use the menu below to quickly navigate through each segment and get to know the real secrets to real estate marketing:

Social Media Marketing: One of the fastest growing methods of promoting any business, including real estate businesses, is social media marketing. A great way to promote your website, your blog, and your company in general is by using social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, FourSquare, and others. By using these social networks, you will be able to share information with your target audience. This type of marketing can be very effective if used properly.

Online Video Marketing: Another great way to market real estate is by using video. This is a very powerful marketing strategy that many companies are starting to utilize because it is a very cost-effective way of reaching your target market. There are many ways to make sure that your video is seen by your target audience so be sure to research the various options that you have before committing to a certain method of marketing. This can be a little more time consuming but it is definitely worth the effort.

E-mail Marketing Strategies: Some people underestimate the power of e-mail marketing strategies. However, if used correctly, they can be one of the most powerful marketing tools that you have at your disposal. E-mail marketing strategies can provide a company with a consistent, reliable source of leads that you can use in conjunction with other strategies. Be sure to invest the time necessary to ensure that your e-mails are well written and of high quality before you start sending them out. Failure to do so can result in poor results.

Affiliate Marketing: Many small business owners have found affiliate marketing to be a very effective method of marketing. It is important that you understand how this particular type of marketing works in order to use it effectively for your small business real estate industry. If you choose to become an affiliate marketer, you will be paid a commission based on the sale of products or services that you promote. The best place to find affiliate products that you can market for your small business is on the Internet. There are literally thousands of websites that sell products related to real estate. By becoming an affiliate, you will be able to advertise these products to your target market without ever laying out any money.

Referral Marketing: One of the most effective ways to market to your target market is through referrals. When you refer a person to another person, you are essentially offering them a free service as well as a way to market to your target market. For instance, let’s say that you own a real estate agent office. You might contact your local chamber of commerce, business association, and other groups in your area to ask them if they would be interested in advertising with your office. When you refer a client to another business, you are providing them with a way to market to your target market through your referral.

Social Networking: One of the best real estate marketing strategies that you can use is to use social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ to meet your target market. The real draw back to these types of sites is that you have to maintain a relationship with everyone that you associate with. For example, when you are on a social network site, there is no guarantee that the person you are connected with is your target market. Therefore, you have to constantly monitor what conversations you are having on a daily basis. This can become extremely tedious, and many times people who are not your target market will block your posts or messages because they don’t want to receive anything from you.

These are just a few methods that you can use to market your real estate services online. There are many other methods including SEO, paid search engine advertising, and classified ads that can be used to promote your online presence. The bottom line is that you need to leverage both traditional and online marketing methods to maximize your real estate marketing strategies.