Why the market shouldn’t be excited about Fed rate cuts

Now the bond market is telling the Fed that at least two rate cuts are needed. They are needed to offset the increased uncertainties surrounding Trump’s trade/tariff wars, which have now expanded to include Mexico, and the general malaise which has kept economy’s growth potential from being fully realized.

While the market rallied back from its 20% decline last year on "hopes" of an end to the "trade war" and "rate cuts," the market is missing an important part of the picture. Rate cuts may not work. Why It Won’t Matter. My friend Patrick Watson recently penned the problem for the Fed: "This used to be pretty simple.

What to do when the Fed cuts interest rates.. Analysts hope the latest rate cut will give the market and the economy at least some of the kick it needs to recover, but it will put another nail.

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One could say that the Treasury market is forcing the Federal Reserve to cut the fed funds rate to become more in tune with market-driven rates, but are those rates really market-driven if global.

So why cut rates now? The Fed is worried about a possible future adverse shock to growth — perhaps due to the unsettling swings in trade policy emanating from the White House. I agree that the central bank needs to address this risk. But in the absence of hard data, reducing the target interest rate would be problematic.

Move to cut is a sudden and significant shift from the RBA In these incidences, a currency’s price will shift dramatically followed by a swift reversal, along with a sudden and significant widening of the spread. helping banks to cut costs and boost the.

Fed rate cut expectations cause market confusion: Report Near the end of the second round, Navarrete scored a knockdown from a combination starting with an upper cut, a left hook,

The Federal Reserve just cut rates for the first time in a decade-and landed itself in a dilemma. This afternoon (July 31), the fed open market committee trimmed the target range of the federal.

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There’s no sudden need for the Fed to cut rates to stimulate more inflation, especially when most of the people who want lower rates just want the Powell Put to goose the stock market.

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If the Fed cut rates, the stock market should not be celebrating: Peter Schiff. Euro Pacific Capital CEO Peter Schiff discusses why the Federal Reserve shouldn’t cut interest rates and where.