What kind of death must be disclosed to home buyers?

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Home sellers must disclose anything that may be a risk to the buyer’s health and safety. The most common issue disclosed is lead-based paint. A Lead-based Paint Disclosure is required for homes built in or before 1978, the year that lead-based paint was banned.

Things you should disclose to prospective buyers. Repairs and insurance claims. If you know of any repairs you or the previous owners have made, its best to disclose them to buyers. Homeowners can request a CLUE report on their home that shows any history of insurance claims for the past seven years.

To these homebuyers, a death on the property is a material defect in the suitability. Some types of death, such as a murder or suicide, carry heavier. or a buyer's agent, the seller's agent is to disclose their knowledge about.

What things you have to disclose when selling a house depends on the state you live in. Some states are more stringent than others when it comes to disclosing issues. For example, in Massachusetts, home sellers are not required to disclose known problems with a home unless asked a direct question from a buyer.

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A death in the house is a real deal breaker for some prospective buyers.. What should you expect from the transaction if this is indeed the case?. been the site of a death are said to have "psychological" damage, but many homebuyers say. Some types of death carry stronger messages and are more horrifying to picture.

Penalties. You have recourse if you purchase or rent the property, move in, then find out later that someone died in your home within the last three years. California allows you to file a lawsuit against the seller, lessor, his agent or broker – or even your own agent or broker broker – for failure to disclose.

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Minnesota home disclosure law. Posted on Mar 17, 2009 in Real Estate News and Views by Nate Thompson 0 Comments. In light of the recent issue of a local brokerage getting sued for non disclosure, I thought I would clarify a few things the media didn’t exactly make clear.

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