Washington Is Wrong About China’s Economy. US Doesn’t Hold the Upper Hand

The US-China trade war began in July 2018 taking everyone by surprise. We discuss how global trade dynamics may have permanently shifted. The US and China have been locked in a trade war since July 2018. As things stand, the US has slapped tariffs on US$250 billion worth of Chinese products and has threatened tariffs on US$325 billion more.

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Washington is wrong about China’s economy. The US economy is weaker, and China’s stronger, than analysts believe. point to supposedly strong economic performance in the United States as evidence that Washington has the upper hand in trade negotiations.

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Pew survey: 60% in US hold dim view of China amid trade war U.S. offers U.K. quick sector-by-sector post-brexit trade deals hong kong airport protest shutdown tarnishes business image

WASHINGTON (AP) – Heightened trade tensions between the United States and China are spooking financial markets and putting a chill on prospects for the global economy. chinese officials are heading to Washington to try to salvage negotiations aimed at breaking an impasse between the world’s two.

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'Severe': China's economic growth slows from 6.4% to 6.2% in latest quarter China has more to lose economically from a prolonged trade war than the United States, analysts say ahead of Trump-Xi summit.. to argue that Washington has the upper hand in the trade war.

China and the United States will ratchet up their competition in the second quarter, as Washington takes concrete steps to counter Beijing’s emergence as an economic, military and political peer. Given the global stature of both countries, this quest will reverberate around the world in two ways.

As the trade war reduces China’s US exports, structural reforms – not inflating away debt – are the right response to economic disengagement

WASHINGTON (AP) – For a second straight time, the Federal Reserve is set to cut interest rates this week to try to protect.

AP FACT CHECK: Trump paints a picture of an ascendant US shattering. The government doesn’t count people as unemployed.

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