US stocks steady but trade war fears linger, despite GDP data

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Trade dependence, or trade as a share of GDP and its contribution to growth, may have reached its limits in some countries. After all, some advanced countries have had relatively steady trade-to-GDP ratios for long periods, indicating that a steady state may exist (see Figure 2.8).

US trade war forces firms to rethink private investment. economy and sparking concerns it would slow too rapidly. Those fears were somewhat allayed by the 6.4 per cent first quarter GDP data, which.

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US stock futures were pointing to modest gains, with lingering worries over a possible US – China trade war, despite expectations that the two countries will spend about six months negotiating trade.

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Australia home buyers may borrow more as lending rules eased Australia home buyers may borrow more as lending rules eased The move could give a boost to the soggy housing market by allowing home buyers to borrow more Under new proposals from the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority, lenders would be permitted to review and set their own minimum interest rate floor as long as it builds in a 2.5%.

New Zealand and Australian Dollar prices fell on disappointing economic news. Yen rose as stocks declined on trade war fears between the US and China. USD/CAD may drop on GDP data.

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 · next hour or by tomorrow, who knows, but yesterday was a real shock. you saw 95% of stocks in the s&p 500 down on the day. you saw 95% of the stocks on the nikkei down on the day 95 on the csi 500 which is china’s index and 95% of the stocks in the stock 600, which tracks europe. so all across the world people were just selling stocks without even thinking about it you look back.