University’s Employer Assisted Housing Program offers homebuyer assistance

The nonprofit group is one of a handful of local organizations that offer guidance to first-time, low- and moderate-income home buyers looking. funded loan programs – the Home Purchase Assistance.

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The Employer assisted housing program was created to help businesses recruit and retain employees in a high cost area. Employer contributions are matched with public funding to help employees purchase and rehabilitate a home on Long Island.

HUD-2019-CPD, May 2000. The HOME Program can be used effectively to support employer-assisted housing (EAH) programs. This model consists of three chapters, each presenting description and analysis relevant to employers, nonprofit organizations, and HOME participating jurisdictions (PJs) who are considering, designing, or implementing EAH initiatives.

Greater Circle Living is an employer assisted housing program created to encourage eligible employees of Greater University Circle institutions to live near work. The innovative program was started in 2008 to help employees purchase, rent, or repair homes in Greater University Circle. BUY. Receive a forgivable loan up to $30,000.

The program is not restricted to first-time home buyers but you are ineligible if you currently own a home. It is strongly recommended that you review the LIHP Employer Assisted Housing Highlights to determine if you meet their expectations prior to applying for the bnl employer assisted housing Program.

Adelphi University is pleased to participate in the Employer assisted housing program (eahp) with the Long Island Housing Partnership, Inc. to offer full-time employees with 3 years of continuous full-time service (who meet program qualifications) down payment assistance and repair assistance to help buy a new home.

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Companies Offer Housing Assistance to Retain Employees Employers that sponsor housing assistance programs see them as a popular benefit that fosters employee loyalty and reduces turnover. Market downturn, potential recession add impetus to programs. by staff report february 12, 2008

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Havenwoods Employer Assisted Housing Program. The program provides $3,000 of down payment assistance for full time employees of Havenwoods who choose to buy in Havenwoods. Employees that choose to purchase in the City of Milwaukee will receive $1,500 in down payment assistance.