Sky Views: Dividend cuts could be bad for all of us

This means that investors who purchase shares on or after the 2nd of August will not receive the dividend, which will be paid on the 20th of August. HCP’s next dividend payment will be US$0.37. is.

AMLP’s Recent Dividend Cut Concerned Investors Fortunately for us, the special dividends from PDI handsomely offset this. Over the last three years, PDI’s special dividends have paid $4.67, a massive 16.9% income bonus above and beyond the 9.6% yield the fund currently offers:

. rest of your portfolio is under downward pressure — the type of headwind that could lead other investments to stop increasing dividends or, worse, result in dividend cuts. That means you could.

However, the dividend has been cut at least once in the past, and we’re concerned that what has been cut once, could be cut again. During the past six-year period, the first annual payment was US$2.25.

New York Community Bank: The Sky Isn’t Falling.. The biggest complaint is that NYCB cut the annual dividend from $1 to 68 cents as part of the. you could get a far worse fate from a US bank.

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Prices could jump past $60 if the current glut becomes a large enough deficit. However, there is a major wildcard in the mix, one that has bedeviled all attempts to predict when the crash would end:.

If you purchase the stock on or after the 22nd of August, you won’t be eligible to receive this dividend, when it is paid on the 13th of September. Piper Jaffray Companies’s next dividend payment will.

Hi there, Fools. I’m back to highlight three top high-yield dividend stocks. As a reminder, I do this because stocks with attractive yields provide a healthy income stream in both good and bad.

AGNC’s economic returns have been all over the place due to the. but the price could slump further as investors sell the mortgage REIT into the weakness after the dividend cut. valuation risk.

Denver housing market breaks average home sale record – again – Denver Business Journal Madrid said that the city planned to break ground on more mixed-income housing. go up for sale. As required by the city of Denver, the developer will be required to make 10 percent of the.

Some are even dividend aristocrats that increase their dividend year, after year, after year. Some are big name companies that over the last 5 to 10 years have had large or more than the average dividend growth rates, say between 5 and 15% increases, vs the 0-5% increases from some of the others.