Should you — or could you — have prepaid your Pierce County property taxes?

Use Your Credit Card To Pay Your Property Taxes To pay your property taxes with your Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express or by eCheck payment, use the online parcel search. These services are limited to current taxes only. You may also make a property tax payment from anywhere there’s a telephone.

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But the IRS has said that 2018 property taxes paid in 2017 must have been assessed in 2017 for the deduction to count.. so to pay early you’ll have to check with your county to see how to do so.

There are no guarantees that if you prepay property taxes before the year end that you will be able to deduct them — but people are going ahead and putting their year-end bonuses toward.

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The Kitsap County Treasurer’s Office has been slammed with people wanting to pay their 2018 property taxes before year’s end, but the county can’t accept those payments in 2017, according to the.

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Currently, there’s no limit to how much homeowners who itemize their income tax returns can claim as a deduction for property taxes, as well as state and local income taxes. But if Congress passes the bill, formally titled the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,

(For example, in New York you can pre-pay your county/town tax, but only on the last business day of the year (dec 29) and you can’t prepay your school tax.) Your local news media is probably running stories about this, or check your town, county, or whoever collects property taxes in your area, for information specific to you.

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PIERCE COUNTY, Wash. – Pierce County homeowners and others across the country rushed in recent weeks to figure out whether they could prepay their property taxes before the end of the year. The.

So, should you prepay your property taxes? "For the vast majority of people, it falls under the category of, it can’t hurt," said Geoff Harlow, head of the tax division for Deerfield-based.