Should You Choose a Fixed or Variable?

Mortgage broker Joe Jacobs provides this litmus test on whether to choose variable or fixed: “If you are driving in to work and you hear that the Bank of Canada is raising rates, will this cause you.

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What's the difference between a fixed rate mortgage and a variable?. So if you do decide to go for a fixed rate on the basis of surety and later.

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You can plan your budget knowing that your student loan payment is. 4 factors to consider when choosing a fixed or variable interest rate.

Find out whether you should lock your rate.. between fixed and variable interest rates and help you decide which option is right for you.

Should you choose a fixed or variable mortgage? Here are four broad considerations: First, how long do you plan to stay in the home? If you plan on living in the home a short time before selling it, you may want to consider a variable-rate mortgage. With a shorter time frame, the loan will have less time to move up or down.

INTEREST rates may be at record lows, but first-home buyers are being urged to shop around before choosing. should.

Choosing between. As the spread between fixed and variable rates shrinks, fixed mortgages seem cheaper relative to variables and can appear too good to pass up. People figure, “Why risk a spike in.

"Most Canadians believe a fixed mortgage. health." "Choosing a variable rate mortgage can make a lot of sense for those with a smaller balance on their mortgage or on the cusp of being.

“A strategy for clients choosing. of fixed mortgage rates but “most research shows you’re better off with a variable rate,” says Murphy. When in doubt, don’t be afraid to discuss the pros and cons,

0 Which Scope Should You Choose Fixed Or Variable. Choosing the best riflescope can be a difficult task if you are a new to the game. The first thing that comes to mind is that you are in need of the best scope that suits your budget.

Your budget is comprised of fixed and variable expenses.. How do they differ from necessities vs. discretionary spending?. The same is true if you pay rent.