Rising homelessness crisis ‘will be felt for generations’

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As winter approaches, many families will be seeking warmth and comfort in their homes. However, many individuals do not have the accessibility to shelter, and struggle to find safety and relief on a day to day basis. The National Alliance to End Homelessness says "On a single night in January 2014, 578,424 people were experiencing homelessness – [.]

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A spokeswoman said: "The impact of the housing crisis will be felt across a generation as one in every 103 children in Britain is now homeless.” The charity estimates there will be 131,269 homeless children in the UK this Christmas, of whom 9,500 will spend their Christmas in a hostel or B&B.

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‘Heartbreaking’: 131,000 Children Will Be Homeless This Christmas Crisis "felt across a generation", says Shelter.

Shelter has warned that the analysis of government statistics show that the UK’s housing crisis is now being “felt across a generation. “It’s no surprise that homelessness is rising rapidly when.

The UK’s housing crisis will be "felt across a generation" as the latest figures reveal the scale of. Shelter estimates more than 130,000 children will be homeless this Christmas Log in

Rising Rents and Homelessness in America Many factors contribute to homelessness, but one common issue goes overlooked: the impact of rising rents and decreasing median incomes. policies, the war on Iraq will create a new generation of homeless veterans.

“Twelve to 14 years ago, this felt like it was. trying to address the crisis caused in part by a lack of affordable housing, which is fueling homelessness, leaving older adults feeling insecure,

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New report emphasises growing homelessness crisis in England Posted 25th September 2017 & filed under Blog . David Kingman delves into the findings of a recent piece of research by the national audit office which argues that the government is not doing enough to curb the rising levels of homelessness in England