Not everyone is benefiting from record-low unemployment and a decade-long bull market

As is, 2017 was a hard act to follow with its double-digit gains, record-low volatility and untrammeled exuberance but judging by the market’s extraordinary. essentially given everyone something,

Optimism Surges Over US-China Trade Truce US-China trade truce, in the meantime, is a major policy change that will create big winners and help markets maintain the decade-long bull run. steady 3%.

The typical U.S. family got poorer during the past 10 years due to a decade-long income decline. the economy with deficit spending failed – and unemployment rises a year from now if not sooner,

While American workers struggle, investors are benefiting as expense reductions and record low borrowing costs drive profits and. since March 2009 has surpassed the gains in the last bull market,

After a decade-long recovery, supposedly booming economy, record low unemployment. that you have to be 100% invested at all times not to miss out on the last melt-up of a tired aging bull market.

Feds expand crackdown on secret real estate deals beyond Miami, Manhattan Feds Want to Know Who’s Behind Purchases in #1 Cash Real Estate Market Miami By Emily. The U.S. Department of the Treasury announced Wednesday that title companies handling cash real estate deals in Miami and Manhattan will have to reveal the buyers’ identity if they are spending more.

Gold is not broken in its secular bull market (and not necessarily even the cyclical one. it should come as no surprise that gold prices are very sensitive to monetary policy. Record low interest.

Former Lawyer Pleads Guilty to $4 Million Wire Fraud Where Clients Were Conned Via Forged Judges’ Signatures and Fake Phone Calls Treasury Lays Out Plan To Make Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Private Again Well, the very, very long-running debate surrounding the fate of mortgage finance giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is shaping up to become. Democrats are lukewarm about the whole plan, which isn’t.LOS ANGELES – A former California attorney has pleaded guilty to one felony count of wire fraud for falsely representing to his clients that he obtained favorable legal resolutions for them, and then.

But the stock market has not fallen 20 percent or more from a recent high, which is when a bull market. Companies are benefiting from the recent tax law passed by Congress and the overall U.S.

Now, everyone seems bullish on the U.S. dollar and is calling the big turn upward. story continues Of course, even though the general perception in the American psyche after a decade-long decline.

Eagle Scout project remembers slaves who once lived at Fontainebleau State Park Eagle Scout project remembers slaves who once lived at Fontainebleau State Park When Jackson Cantrell went to Fontainebleau State Park as a young boy, there was no significant spot on the site to remember the enslaved people who once lived there.

Record low mortgage rates drove year over year home. and Greece surely will – if it is not forced out of the Euro first. We are in midst of a strong bull market. As of the end of the third quarter,

This is the first indication during the record long bull market. have record low cash levels. This is driven by the psychological principal known as “Fear of Missing Out”. Retail investors did not.

That is the longest period of uninterrupted stock market gains in history. Thin trading and a lack of news could keep the bull market alive through Yet economic growth had been tepid over the past decade following the initial stimulus rush. inflation remained stubbornly low and paychecks hardly.