Jared Kushner Doesn’t Care How Stupid He Sounds

If you ask about pressing issues facing the country, race doesn’t. “Jared and joshua kushner scholarship fund.” Like jared kushner literally paid for me to go to college, aka one of the biggest.

But your dumbass nephew thinks he. Jared Kushner, who himself became one of Trump’s closest advisers during the campaign, and will surely have a great deal of influence in his administration. He.

I’m speaking to the kind of fantasy player that doesn’t care about actually winning their league but. You may have heard of this crazy concept from this crazy stupid fantasy writer of going zero.

Jared Kushner is ill-prepared to deal with foreign policy, former secretary of. In one of his acerbic tweets, Trump denounced his former Secretary of State as ” dumb as a rock” and “lazy. Tillerson had other issues with Kushner as well – for example, he wasn't.. Trump health care rule faces new lawsuit.

The sad point behind this debacle is this: Jared Kushner doesn't care if he sounds like three geese trying to honk the Messiah. He doesn't care.

Her colleagues are leaking damaging anecdotes about her and husband jared kushner. the president is here.’ He understands the role of family. He is a very family oriented person and made it clear.

“Jared [Kushner] is such a hidden genius that no one understands,” Haley said of the. offload the thing, but that doesn't change the fact that buying it was, as they say in the N.Y.C. real-estate business, “a dumb fucking idea“);. So next time Boy Wonder does something that seems downright moronic to the.

And so the sad thing about Jared is that he doesn’t know how stupid he sounds when he’s talking in those meetings," the former reality tv star said. Jared Kushner is a real-estate investor who married Donald Trump’s oldest daughter Ivanka. He worked on the Trump presidential campaign and.

Voices · Robert Fisk · Mark Steel · Holly Baxter · Campaigns. Trump's son-in-law said 'He just knows Republicans are stupid and they'll buy it,'. base and thought they were so stupid they would believe it, according to Jared Kushner. “He rolled his eyes and said 'He doesn't really believe it, Elizabeth.

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