How Government Shutdown Brings Both Risk, Opportunities to IT

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However, the fact remains that threatening to shut down the government, let alone actually shutting it down, severely harms executive branch operations in both the short and long term.

Cost of Government Shutdown Risks More Than Most People Realize. Political gridlock could be coming to Washington D.C. Next month, a couple of agenda items will require serious and immediate attention: the debt ceiling problem and the 2018 budget negotiations.

 · The Senate is set to vote Monday on a three-week funding bill to reopen the government, but it’s not clear if it can pass. BREAKING NEWS Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.

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The article also said that the real concern shouldn’t be the shutdown, but rather the possibility of the government running out of money if the debt ceiling isn’t raised as this would be more likely to directly impact the American public and the federal workforce: "While the Treasury Department probably would make interest payments to bondholders to prevent a catastrophic default on the.

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 · small government contractors will feel the largest impact during the shutdown. While large contractors will have to shift resources and move personnel from one agency to another, hoping to bide their time, small contractors do not have the same.

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The president, with his tweet, increased the likelihood of a government shutdown with the push of a button, sending Republican congressional leaders, already scrambling for votes, into chaos, and.

In an email sent Tuesday afternoon, Margaret Everson, principal deputy director of the Fish and Wildlife Service, cites "opportunities, including hunting" that are being lost in the shutdown. the.

But this job dedication is being tested by the U.S. government shutdown, and most at risk of leaving are Millennial-age workers. Less than 6% of federal employees are under the age of 30 and represent half of all people who leave an agency within the first two years.

Which brings us to the key topc: the prospect of a government shutdown in less than three weeks. This is what Phillips says when discussing the risks of a government shutdown on April 29. Congressional appropriations expire April 28. If Congress does not pass an extension, the federal government will partially shut down.