Does HUD Sec. Ben Carson think lingering foreclosures are simple as an Oreo cookie? – theGrio

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Newly-appointed Ben Carson, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development secretary, addressed HUD’s employees publicly for the first time on Monday. Carson’s speech actually had very little to do with housing, reflecting more on his past experiences as a brain surgeon and his vision of how Americans can work together.

Ben Carson, the secretary of Housing and Urban Development, thought he was being asked about OREO cookies when. HUD secretary Ben Carson is making a joke about his not knowing the. "I asked Secretary Carson about REOs – a basic term related to foreclosure – at a hearing today," she wrote.

This content is restricted to subscribers. HUD Secretary Ben Carson Proves He Has No Idea What He Is Doing. By Paul Williams on September 18, 2017. hud secretary ben Carson Has No Idea What Is Going On At HUD

The Housing and Urban Development Secretary mixed up Oreo cookies with the word 'REO' when Rep. Katie Porter asked him if he knew what.

An REO is not "Milk's Favorite Cookie.. Katie Porter tweeted that she asked Carson about "REOs – a basic. He thought I was referring to a chocolate sandwich cookie.". Housing Secretary Ben Carson testifies at a House financial. development secretary ben carson thought the foreclosure-related.

HUD is in the process of updating the homeownership regulations to conform with this requirement. Does hud sec. ben carson think lingering foreclosures are simple as an Oreo cookie? – theGrio According to the New York Times, Carson indicated in an interview this week that "some of President Trump’s tough-minded budget cuts might be more.

'Oreo?' a confused Carson replied when Rep. Kathy Porter (D-CA) asked him about a fundamental term related to foreclosures.. Ben Carson, Housing Secretary, Does Not Know Basic Housing. Regarding FHA loans, after the property is seized from the homeowner and the title is transferred to HUD, the.

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